Our requests of all membership in 2014:

Disco knights are a radically self reliant DIY group of Burners, camping with us means committing to either set up or breakdown (ideally both) and multiple work shifts during the week. If you have any ideas for ways to contribute, please let us know! We’re always open to new ideas. We especially need artists and skilled laborers (especially carpentry).

For more info, reach out to us on our Contact page

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NEW CAMPERS: If you’re new, before camping with us, we kindly request a reference from a current or past member.  A name and email address will do.  Many thanks!!

Disco Knights DJ timeslots are in high demand. As such they are restricted to either core members who make significant contributions to making the camp happen or international touring DJs. If you’re not the latter but feel you can be the former, message us and we’ll see what we can do.


Making Disco Knights happen every year costs a lot of money! If you enjoy our camp, please consider donating to help us out. We really appreciate it!